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Lucita Simervil has a Bachelors of Science degree in accounting from CUNY University of York College, and has received her Masters in International Business Administration from The University of Phoenix. She is also a PhD. Candidate. Early on in her career, Lucita spent some time employed as an auditor with the NY City Board of Education. However, her heart has always been with her native country (Haiti). Lucita realized that there are a lot of Haitians here in the U.S. that desired someone who understands and speaks their language to take care of their tax and accounting needs. Therefore, more than 15 years ago, she started her own tax and accounting firm (Lucita Accounting Firm - LAF).

LAF has operated in the same location since its inception. LAF continues to grow by providing top-notch tax and accounting services to more than 1000 clients. Various other business services are also offered through LAF. Feel free to inquire.

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